Buspirone Day 1


My anxiety the last 8+ mths has been the worst ever 😦 Shrink gave me Abilify to start way back in Fall because it has been beneficial to me in the past but the problem for me is that even though it has been one of the only drugs that I have not been resistant to it is not covered in my plan. That means I have to get samples from my doc because I can not afford it. I HATE THAT! Worrying over that part causes more anxiety so no thanks!

I was prescribed the Buspirone nearly 2 mths ago but was stressing about being too mentally zapped to get my disability paperwork done . Last post I talked about that and ended up my doc was happy with what I completed even though he never agreed with my version lol. The paperwork is still with him so incomplete as of yet!

So this is Day 1…. I hope it works at least somewhat for me!

About Bemused

Adult onset rapid cycling Bipolar II, PTSD, Agoraphobic, Social anxiety disorder...triggered by a Trauma in 2010. I am also estranged from my immediate family. Complete Dog-Nerd.
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