So far so good

I don’t seem to be having any totally annoying side effects to the Buspirone 🙂  Definitely not sedated or dizzy. However, I have spilled several things in last few days and fumbled or dropped items.

Will see how things progress as the dose goes up I guess. Today I was trying to install a new patio door alarm and I was really agitated still and lots of choice f-word-combos lol!  Our building was recently broken into (NOT THEY WALKED IN) but anyway… they busted open our coin-op laundry machines. The RULE here was doors are locked up 10pm-7am but this happened in the middle of the day. I am surprised it never happened before because there is a twat here who does not give a fuck about anyone but himself. He works nights and always leave the door open.

New rules are 1) Doors should all be locked from noon-whenever the mail lady is gone
2) If doors are opened to let air flow through the person opening must monitor it closely.

Fine by me the more security the better. The whole event left me disturbed and therefore I amped up security inside my place 🙂


About Bemused

Adult onset rapid cycling Bipolar II, PTSD, Agoraphobic, Social anxiety disorder...triggered by a Trauma in 2010. I am also estranged from my immediate family. Complete Dog-Nerd.
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2 Responses to So far so good

  1. I’m sure you feel disturbed. Any burglary is a violation of your personal space and leaves you jumping at any strange noise. I hope you feel calmer over time and the security is amped up


    • Bemused says:

      Very true! Years ago I had my place broken into after living there for 5+ years of no problems. I had 5 large dogs at the time, my vehicle was in the driveway and the tv was on.

      SO BRAZEN! I ended up having to move because I would never feel safe there again. 😦

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