Physically in a good space. Mentally not so much.

I’m pet sitting 4 of my fav dogs ( ok they do bark excessively and I HATE that part of them! lol) Anxiety wise the bark thing is not great for me but it is lovely here at their place. 5 fenced acres for us to play in and I am here for a month while their people (Dog-Show friends of mine) are in Europe.

This is a good space for me right now. My new upstairs neighbors (so far) seem to be complete assholes. (This is where my friend who just passed away lived) The 1st week they brought some forest fungus home and proceeded to beat the hell out of it with a hatchet on the deck from 8am-1pm. After the 1st couple hours I did go up and let them know how completely inappropriate the noise was. I let them know not only were they upsetting me but the rest of the tenants AND the homes on both sides of the building. They smiled, apologized and continued for another 4 hrs. Fuckers.  Like WTF is that?

My new roomie ( not sure if I mentioned her yet) is LOVELY! 20 y/o student working at a nearby resort for the summer. Completely blessed with her as she is neat, sweet, polite and HEY HAS COMMON SENSE! What a concept!  Anyway she is a good kid and I’m happy to have her. It will suck when she goes back to school in Sept.

LAMOTRIGINE!!!!!! AHHH! I am SO SO SO DONE with Lamotrigine.
I am almost completely weaned off it (done this week). Last post about it I was a total mess but that was not the worst. I was tested to make sure I was not at a toxic level and my blood results for everything else was normal. BUT I STARTED LOSING MY HAIR!!!! In hindsight I realized that I actually started to have some hair issues about 4 mths after starting the lamotrigine. I have long hair ( a couple feet long) and I take excellent care of it. NEVER use hot styling tools or dryers. Hot oil it once a week, wrap it every night…NEVER abused it as it took me a long time to grown it out nice.  I started to get these short “New” hairs coming in and on my long hair geek forum I was told that this “Halo” effect happens sometimes when your hair is renewing itself and not to worry. Normal stuff to loose 100ish hairs a day and long hair LOOKS like much more hair loss.  I bought all that as normal not suspecting meds at all.

The new growth / loss kind of leveled out and was not a real concern until I realized about the 3rd week of April the scrunchies I used to wrap 2x around my ponytail was now 3x and loose. When I washed my hair I lost a ton. When I comb my hair (I ALWAYS use a gentle wide toothed comb) lots of loss. I was so fucking mad when I googled Lamotrigine + hair loss.  My shrink said NOTHING about possible hair loss. Had I known it was even a slim possibility I would have rejected taking Lamotrigine right off. I started weaning myself off without even telling him because it did not matter what the fuck he said I was not staying on it. I went to my next appt like a raging Tasmanian devil. I think I may have scared him actually because I am generally quite calm.

My once beautiful hair (really the only part of my appearance I was really happy with) is now pretty much ruined. It will take a minimum of 3 years to get it back the way it was IF I AM LUCKY.  From my reading online about it it will take 6 mths after being off Lamotrigine for recovery to start 😦  I ended up cancelling my dog showing engagements for the summer because I can do NOTHING with my hair and you can not wear hats. My hair is so weak right now that I can’t put anything but a light/loose scrunchie in it. ANY pulling at all is not an option.  If I could spit nails and fire over this I would.  Since starting the wean it seemed to get worse FML.  I just hope it slows down SOON.

THANK YOU to those who have nominated me for blogger awards. I WILL get on that soon. I just have not been in a good space for the last while but appreciate your kindness 🙂

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Deafening Silence RIP Friend

No matter how great a friendship, you truly never really know anyone. 

About this time last year a lovely new friend moved into the 6-plex here where I live. He moved alone into the unit directly above me. What a gift! Nice quiet, 58 y/o retired fellow, friendly and like me loved to work around the building keeping things nice. LOVED DOGS! After several real shitty tenants he was a dream and settled in really smoothly. I could not have asked for a better tenant living above me.

He kind of became the glue that made our “Occupants” into a small family.  Always checking on everyone, cheerful, sociable, all around awesome guy. We became fast friends even though I am often a suspicious and not so friendly type lol.  We spent quite a bit of time together working outside on different projects, gossiping about neighbors or just drinking an evening ice tea out on the front stoop. Over this last year he, I and others here even spent some holidays together like Xmas Eve and New Years. We all had some fabulously-fun competitive Monopoly games on the weekend nights. Like myself he was a non-smoker and light drinker. A glass or 3 of wine on game night was plenty.

We saw one another at least once a day and spent sometimes several days a week either visiting or messing around in the yard.  For an older single guy he kept his place in a somewhat reasonable state 🙂 Not exactly what I would call decorated but hey old guys don’t care much for that. Comfortable, semi-clean and tidy it was. He took over cleaning inside the building. (Prior to moving here he had been an accountant all his life then after 50ish a property manager of several residential buildings in town) He cleaned our hallways, vacuumed, mopped and did the laundry room all the time.  Painting and weeding, just a real go-getter. We shared many life experiences, interests, peeves, work ethics… it all combined to make us very good friends quickly.

He talked a lot about his 88 y/o parents both still living in their home plus his 3 grown children and grand babies.  Speaking about them his eyes would light up like each was a shiny new bar of gold. Unfortunately none of his children still lived in the area so he didn’t see them as often as he obviously wished he did. He spent a great deal of his time running back/forth to his parents as they needed his help with yard work and things too.  Never a complaint out of him.  He always instinctively knew other peoples complaints, issues and was an awesome listener. When asked about how he was or what he was up to he always said he was great, family was great and shared some news.

6 months ago he needed a dental surgery and there were complications. It was incredibly painful for him and they had him on a bunch of pain meds and antibiotics. About 4 mths ago he fell down at his part time job ( he was never quite right on his feet as he had previously had a stroke at some point). The fall left him kind of gimped up for a bit but would not keep him down. We all rallied and took care of things so he could rest up. He was still going on his twice daily walks. Three weeks ago he tripped on the stairs carrying his laundry basket and fell breaking 4 ribs plus a punctured lung. He insisted he was fine during these times and was getting on well. He started to finally heal up and last week we were scheming up a building Pot-Luck during yet another multi-tenant Monopoly game.

On Thursday I was in my kitchen just starting some lunch and as normal I could hear him puttering around above me in his kitchen. It was not abnormal for me to hear him drop something once in a while, trip or on occasion even hear him fall out of bed.

KABOOM. There was a massive smashing of dishes and cutlery and whatever else onto the kitchen floor.  I heard him call out UGH, another crash on the floor and then what sounded like someone pounding on the floor for about 30 seconds. Then…..NOTHING. No movement, no noise, Nada.  

I stood there in the kitchen looking at the ceiling, waiting for some hint that he was ok and realized holy fuck he is not getting up. The pounding on the floor was him flailing around seizing or something. 😦  I ran up to his door and knocked yelling out his name and there was no response.  This was a brain twist for me as I often overreact & because he OFTEN would not answer his door nor respond. His excuse for this was always because he was in his housecoat or had headphones on. His door was of course locked so I ran up to one of the longest term tenants and told him what I thought was happening and did he have a master key? Thankfully he did.

We knocked again and went in. There was my friend on the kitchen floor, head cut open,  blood all over, completely blue and unresponsive. I called 911 while the other tenant called our landlord/friend who knew all his family.  I was at this time, oblivious to the surroundings in his apartment. I saw but did not process.   2 ambulances, 6 paramedics, 3 RCMP cruisers AND the fire department all arrived within minutes. They worked on him for at least 20 min straight. They shocked him so many times I lost count. The rest of us were just standing in the stairwell listening and praying. They did every possible thing they could to bring him back but the fact was he was gone before we even entered his apartment. They were still doing chest compression and had air going into him when they left with him.  Although hopeful and wondering why, we all knew he was gone.

3 different RCMP took statements from me, both written and recorded.  Quite obvious to me was he had a heart attack or stroke in the kitchen. I heard the whole thing. It was not like this was some serious crime scene.  I thought it was all kind of weird and then I saw the state of his apartment through clear eyes.

The broken dishes and blood were NOTHING compared to the surroundings. I could not believe my eyes. I was stunned. Shocked. Completely Traumatized possibly worse then knowing he just passed away.
I couldn’t even take it all in. 

The dust on all surfaces was an inch thick. Furniture was broken or out of place. There were booze bottles, med bottles, overflowing ashtrays, empty cig packs, dishes piled a foot high on all surfaces.  Clothing, plastic bags even vegetables rotting in/ on furniture. Newspapers piled all up, bags of garbage. No where to walk that one could not be tripping over something.  I guess the RCMP could see it in my face that I was completely shocked and asked “Is this how he normally lived?”  It was absolutely not how he lived or at least from my experience but I had a sudden realization that I had not actually been inside his place for about 6 mths.  How could this be?  How did I of all people not see the signs?

I had never seen him drink more than 3 light drinks ever! Never smoked ever. I never had any indication of an issue. The coroner came a while later confirming what we all knew before the ambulance had left. He too interviewed me about what happened and about his living situation.  They spent a while in there taking photographs and recording medications ( they had a pile there a foot high).  My friend never committed suicide (that we know of yet because we don’t have a firm answer on that) but he might as well have.  He killed himself with booze, cigs and heavy pain meds behind closed doors.

Once the coroner was done I asked them if it was ok if we cleaned up in there before his family arrived. None of them knew any of this. He said that evidence wise ( wtf) that they were done and others were now free to go in there.  I went and had a drink with one of the other shocked tenants. We decided that we could not allow his family to know how he was living. We could not allow his families last memory of him to be THIS.  Our landlord/his friend agreed and gave us permission to go in and clean up. We had no idea what that would entail.

We took out nearly TWO HUNDRED hidden 40 oz bottles of Whiskey. There was also an array of other liquor bottle but Whiskey was his obvious medication of choice.  The rear deck was jam packed with Coke bottles.  We took 10 full large bags of garbage out right off the bat. We cleared up so we could actually clean and make it look somewhat respectable. The bedroom had not even one clean sock in a drawer. Every item of clothing was dirty and strewn about the room. Junk all over, unmade bed with not even any sheets on it.

It took 4 HOURS JUST TO DO DISHES. The cupboards contained NO FOOD. The fridge had a couple condiments plus 20-30 various open containers of dried up somethings. WHAT WAS HE EATING? Every dish, pot, utensil was piled up dirty and dried on. Anything he was eating was eaten out of old plastic yogurt containers then put in the fridge to  dry up and stank. The counters, stove, fridge interior and floors had to be soaked 4 x and scraped with a spatula. Just when we thought we gotten rid of all the cigs & booze bottles we would discover yet another hiding place. 2 -4 of us worked at high speed until nearly 10pm. We cleared his place of every possible piece of shame. There was nothing left that would be disturbing to his family and although not perfect by any means was in a state considered normal for a single nearly 60 y/o man.

I’m still processing all this. I am reviewing every conversation and action. I am crazy with guilt that this was going on and none of us knew. I never heard anything upstairs that I considered worrisome. I never had any reason to doubt his ability to care for himself or his mental state.  He ran his vacuum regular… all normal sounds from up there.  I bet he had not actually used the vacuum for 6+ mths minimum.

The total silence from upstairs is a constant reminder of the last couple days events. Constant reminder of how we missed the suffering of our friend 😦 Disturbingly quiet after being used to someones daily bumbling around and routine.


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Lamotrigine Crash-Boom round 2

I’m not feeling too well. I actually can not recall the last time I left my place aside from messing around my deck. My deck is around the back and faces a greenbelt so I don’t get too concerned about being out there. I just went to check my receipts ( which I keep obsessively) and I was out on the 9th lol. It seems like an eternity I suppose because I can’t remember squat. I feel mentally numb then freaking out over nothing.

My cognitive abilities are a mess and if I am not spilling or dropping something I am walking from room to room forgetting what I went there for before I even hit the door. This morning I found a “Hoof Pick” in one of my dresser drawers! I have not had sheep for 6 years. I must have picked it up some place and put it in there err.  I can do nothing right at the moment and anything I try to do, if one small issue comes up I just drop it and say FUCK a zillion times while bawling.

Yesterday I was trying to sort some Gmail out. Important stuff and I ended up deleting it ALL. Yes from my Trash even. I decided I would use Outlook instead so I could save things easier by downloading them there while still keeping a copy in my Gmail accounts. I messed all that up too.  Much cursing happened yesterday. I have a shrink appt on Monday THANK GAWD. I suspect we will be weaning me off the Lamortigine.  This is the 2nd round of up, up, up…Boom -Crash HARD. I don’t think I can take a 3rd round.

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Clues your new neighbor is a total twat

We have a new tenant in the 6-Plex I live in. This small bachelor suite has had numerous assholes live in it ( 5 or 6 last year alone lol!) I’m quite disturbed by entire interaction with her & hope something is worked out to keep the peace here.  She is about 20 y/o and full of herself. 

April 6th –  What I thought was a stray cat:
In the morning I found a white cat inside my deck area twice, once while it was shitting in the little garden there that I tend to.  This is a 6 foot chain linked yard belonging to me.
Afternoon caught the cat actually inside my place. All 3 instances it used a deck chair to get out over the fence. I ended up moving the chair so it could not use it.
Cat was in the building wandering the stairs during the day & later that night in my front window meowing & carrying on. The dog I had here was going nuts over it. I asked another tenant with indoor cats if he might be missing a cat because I had never seen this cat before and he told me it was the new gals cat. He said the cat was aggressive to his dog when they went outside and it blocked his access.  I thought perhaps she was unaware her cat was being a nuisance so I would go talk to her about it.  She was not home so left a note on her door asking when she got home if I could talk to her about her cat.

April 7th- She came over and pretty much thought it was all amusing, was abrasive and not at all even sorry about it.  Her response was “So what the cat has a flea collar on”  (seriously??? ) I told her my main concern was that the cat could get killed or injured by a dog if it came in my place. I was not too keen on cleaning her cats guts off my walls. She seemed to get that part and agreed she would keep better tabs on her cat. Told me she would keep the cat on a line and supervise it.  I also expressed concern that a dog could be injured by the cat & that I can not be expected to keep my doors and windows shut. I told her about the cat being in the hallways and blocking the entry plus being aggressive. She said the cat was like that because it was attacked by 2 dogs.  It could injure others while blocking access areas to our units. She said that the cat was declawed which I was happy to hear although it makes the cat defenseless.  I was advised by her that we should all accept that behavior & walk around her cat. ( REALLY? lol)  She left on what I thought were ok terms even though I thought she had ridiculous attitude about it but hopeful she would keep her cat safer.  I put wire on the bottom on the side door off my deck after speaking to her just in case that was how the cat was getting inside the fence.

April 8-  Around noon the cat is again in my back dog room. It was beautiful day here and quite justifiably I had my patio door open. Obviously she was humoring me yesterday and let her cat out just the same as before. I scared it out and it used my bench to climb on then over the fence. I moved the bench and then knocked on her door to let her know her the cat was just inside my place again.  She immediately became completely defensive stating that she talked to the cops and if her cat gets hurt while blocking the hallways or out front while it is coming at dogs that she can sue but if the cat gets hurt in my area that is her own problem.  I thought this was a bit extreme action on her part but it is what it is.  ( technically she doesn’t know the real laws because it is an animal control issue not a cop issue) Also if the cat is the aggressor the cat is the one who will be seized.

She blurts out pretty much yelling that she does not believe her cat has ever got in my area or inside my place. Says he can’t jump that high and I am a liar. I tell her that I think he is using chairs, planters or something to climb over the fence to which she says to me that it is my problem. Tells me I would have to do something about it. I told her that should I catch her cat inside my home again I would toss in a crate and take it down to the shelter where she could collect it. She freaked right out that I used the word “toss” which is really not something I would even think about doing but I was startled to say the least about how the conversation was going.  Having her pay a fine or 2 to collect her cat is the only way I can see to keep the cat out of my place and safe from being injured. Again she states it is my problem and I would have to deal with it. I said I would do nothing of the sort and I left. She slammed her door really hard as I walked away.

I’m really not sure what the issue is about being responsible for her cat. I simply do not want the cat inside my place nor blocking me in any area. I certainly expect to run across the cat from time to time of course.  My main concern is for the safety of her cat and the dogs that live & visit here. I’m the founder of a local feral cat group and work with them all the time. I have nothing at all against cats. I love cats too and would feel horrible if something happened to it.

I’m just going to leave this as is for now unless the cat gets inside my place again. I’m not really sure how to even approach her given how over the top she got during the last conversation. I simply went over to let her know the cat was inside my place again, not to argue about it. My landlord is away so I’ll let him deal with the asshole.

Oh… and I have not seen the cat since letting her know I would take it to the shelter 🙂

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Friday Dog Games- Clicker targeting & Obedience

Kinda busy which is nice! Haven’t finished up my dog training draft posts but thought I would share some examples. In case you wonder both boys have wraps on to keep them from whizzing. They are from separate homes and figured a whiz-off was in order.  Not on my watch 🙂

White dog came to me last night and has never stayed with me before. He has never had reward-based trained in any way. He’s 10 y/o and a bit of a bossy boy 🙂 What I am doing with him is some basic obedience to get him used to the clicker combined with starting easy targeting. As you can hear in the background Mr.Young Pom who is gated away from us WANTS ANOTHER TURN lol!

The Pom has stayed with me lots of times and is one of my fav little guys. He is sharp as a pin and will do pretty much anything I ask of him. I usually have way more targets out for him and things to get up on.  I have white boy in an exercise pen to keep him out of the way therefore sucking up space to play. White dog in the background would also like another go at it.

Training can be fun and you can shape so many behaviors. Mental stimulation is so important and your dog looks forward to training. You can even get rid of old behaviors with new tricks.

Anyway that is how my Easter weekend is going to go… to the dogs and I am happy with that 🙂

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Catching up :)

Behind on my blog reading! Hard to keep up sometimes and so many blogs not only interest me but genuinely amuse and entertain me. ( ok not the bad parts but the sarcastic peeps who can laugh at themselves I really enjoy, oh and the ART)

Today is the FIRST day in 27 days that I have had completely off. I left my dinner dishes last night & I stayed in bed until 10:30 this morning 🙂

I spent some time yesterday teaching little naughty white dogs owners some training skills with the clicker. They were STUNNED that their dog not only did not rush the door barking but stayed in his bed. He learned how to heel, how to sit when you stop walking plus “Leave It” ( any object / people / other dogs or treats on the floor). “Leave it” is an awesome tool.   I also taught him to walk behind me in the house instead of under my feet, how to not be a kitchen pest, how to stay when told, come when requested and wait at doors or wherever until given the “Ok” command. They were quite impressed at his new skills but got him all spazzed out which is part of their issues. They have a new pup arriving soon and I told them straight up that if they do not get a handle on the loon dog they will have 2 loonies in their house lol.  They are signing up for proper obedience classes asap and were off to find a clicker. I hope they do ok because I personally could not live with a dog like that lol!

I contacted old Labs mom and told her I was not into her freaking ever changing schedule and she would have to find someone else. This gave me a lot of relief and I don’t mind being a back up for the new sitter.

Today I see/hear that the bachelor suite beside me has been rented out again. ( at Xmas a total meth-head gal LIT IT ON FIRE ON PURPOSE and ran out! Before that we had a young schizophrenic girl in there that I almost pounded her face in every time I encountered her because she was so confrontational. TODAY up/down the stairs and slamming doors are some young people who don’t look more then about 20 …GAWD. The other people in our 6-plex have been here for years, are all great people and we all get along fabulously. Bach suite is ALWAYS a problem.  Guess we will see. Hate to judge them over their rude behavior on day 1 lol.

Shrink appt tomorrow and by the charts I do online looks like the Lamotrigine has evened out my moods ( really I am neither here nor there, some middle ground) plus it has improved my sleep hrs.

I have a bunch of positive dog training posts on the go in my drafts. I hope to get back to them soon for those interested.

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Shopping Etiquette

While I am shopping I mentally punch many people in the back of the head especially slow walkers.  I was raised however to have better manners.  People have zip for manners these days and regardless of what you are REALLY thinking those manners should generally be used. I find most shoppers to be completely rude. They walk in front of you, reach around you and push their way into the cashier lines without a care in the world who they budged in front of.

I HATE going out of the house but when I do I use “Excuse Me”, “Pardon Me” and let little old peeps in front of me in line.  Even though strangers freak me out I have also been known to help old timers pack their groceries and make it safely out.

I acknowledge people who are kind enough to say “Excuse me” when they need to pass me standing in an isle looking like a twit at the zillion cereal choices.  I say “Excuse me” when I have to pass others or they are blocking the isle with their buggy.

Sometimes when people just walk in front of me rudely I forget my manners & my inside voice and blurt
“YOU ARE WELCOME! Try using some manners” 

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CaptureI stayed in bed until 10:30 😦 listening to the rain on my bedroom window.
Looks like a long week

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Did I take the meds? To take or not to take?

I can’t be alone in this? So far this week I have messed up my meds twice ( I THINK today is the 3rd day)  I have those day of the week containers and faithfully fill them up properly. I take my meds first thing in they morning with my coffee. What screws me up is when I get to the last day or 2 in the container I fill it up. Sometimes I set aside my meds for that day or the next.  When I go to take them I can’t remember if those were for today or for tomorrow? And DID I take my meds this morning or am I about to OD if I take these? Errr

Even when I have not left loose days on top of the container I go look to see the day and it is full. Is it full because I just filled it up or because I need to take them? Sigh. Maybe a daily check list would be helpful?  What do you do?

The Lamotrigine makes me clumsy and terribly absentminded. I’ve had a few kung-fu like chops to the brain this week with clients and that is not helping. I have been getting up and at the day before I realize I have skipped my med routine (which is sit in front of my laptop waking up with some java). I’m also juggling 2 dogs 1st thing in the morning right now. I’m scatter brained.

I just about lost it on one of my clients tonight. I have been so fucked around with people booking my time ( turning away other work during that period).  THEN having them cancel! Several months ago I made the decision that everyone had to pay for boarding IN ADVANCE.  I get booked sometimes 6 mths in advance so trying to get last minute work to fill cancelled days just doesn’t happen.  Anyway a client who books me nearly 3 weeks at a time calls tonight, her dog is here starting on our 2nd week rotation. Owner was injured at work and is coming home tonight or tomorrow.


So I too will be off work at least 3 weeks in the coming month. She is paid up for another 5 days ( so that is all I will get for my time and commitment to her dog).  I already leave my time open to allow this woman to book MONTHS in advance. I am at the whim of her schedule changing at pretty much any time ( eg last week she left 2 days late due to flights which means the entire schedule moves ahead 2 days) It is very difficult for me to book appointments or other work around her dogs needs. I can work away 4 nights in a month and make more then what I make in an entire month from this dog. ( However I love the dog and enjoy looking after her and that is important to me)  Too bad her owner is a twat. Where do nice dogs find these people lol?

I make the owner pay for the next upcoming weeks when she picks her dog up. The whole reason for paying in advance is so that I am not the one left without an income if you don’t show up or change your plans.  You booked my time and it was not free for others to book. At first I allowed her to pay when she picked the dog up for the previous weeks but she fucked me around a few times.  I said enough with that you have to pay in advance now.

But I am supposed to “Credit” her unused days to use later ( at some time we don’t even know yet) lol? Like I am going to magically pull some bookings out of my ass?  Last week they dropped the dog off on Monday and she never left until Wed. WHY? because she had to pay for the days anyway and she knows that. Depending on the outcome of this she may not have a dog sitter for long. Some days I just wanna slap the shit out of these people 😦

Imagine if your boss said….

You have to be available on site all day because we are booking you but you can’t work for anyone else. Oh and do you mind if we credit your pay to days next mth because we changed our minds about the days you already gave us? Yes we know we have financially burdened you while you have remained committed to us. We don’t give a rats ass. Sucks to be you.

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Old School Dog training!!!!! Can we say…Psychopathy and Sadism?

FEAR, FORCE & FLOODING = Dog abuse, NOT  training. 

I’m going to natter about something I know best— DOGS 🙂  Like most people with dogs I learned dog-skills from my parents & grandparents.  Given my involvement with dogs I was also educated in old-school techniques through formal classes back in the day. For me as a child my Grandfather was the pound master of large city pound that was run out of our family farm. After 3 days dogs were shot and thrown in a pit. We did not play with the dogs. Dogs back then were nothing more then property / usable commodities / alert guards. They were kicked, shooed away and fed total crap. Nobody gave a rats ass about the dog.

Typically we were taught:    ABUSES  we thought to be “Training” 

We would…
Rub noses in an accidental pee
Jam our fingers down throats of puppies that mouthed us
Squirt dogs with devices containing water / lemon and other liquids
Knee them in the chest for jumping up
Hit them with newspapers
Spray nasty shit right in their mouth
Choke them
Hang them
Tape their mouths shut
Fight them
Shock them
Chain them
Pinch them
Flick them
Bite them
Pin them
Yell at them
Lock them away
Kick them outside
Drag them
Send them AWAY to Obedience-Abuse-School thinking that was training!
Dominate them……… and all kinds of other nutty shit

WE COMPLETELY ABUSED THEM!!!! and guess what?  These abuses WORKED!
They were passed on from generation to generation and we accepted it as the only way. I was taught the same bullshit and used the methods for years. I’m educated now and I don’t need to hurt dogs to train them. Dogs are my companions, not my prisoners!

THEY JUST COMPLIED OUT OF FEAR AND THOUGHT WE WERE COMPLETE  NUT-BAR ASSHOLES 😦  They never “learned” anything. They just reacted to the force and fear.

I am going to say this OUT LOUD and many people will object:

Caesar Millan is a complete DICK who teaches people how to abuse their dogs by old school abuse methods.

and yes I am going to do an upcoming post or 2 on Positive Dog Training 🙂

~Developing companionship vs developing your prisoner~
It’s what is right !!!!

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